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Jul 8
The Resignation of Joe/JRParadox/Archimedes

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This post has been a few weeks or maybe even months coming, Jailbreak always meant the world to me but it seems as we see Jailbreak progressing we need a leader with the devotion to their position and that is something I sadly don't have any more. After spending over one year of my life throwing thousands of hours in to this gamemode I adore and spending time with those around me that I love I think it's safe to say that I'm tired of it all, not because of a loss of passion but because of a loss of time and a defiance of stagnation.

The Past

I'll start off by talking about Jailbreak, I know fully well that it's silly and dumb but I do hold the gamemode very close to my heart, I personally am someone who's very much interested in game design and Jailbreak has always stood out as something which is so elegantly designed with immense simplicity yet vast depth. Jailbreak has been something which has given me a part time job, given me many fond memories, given me a great video or two and has generally been something of a constant in my life so seeing it go is a very odd feeling.

For 1 of every 17 seconds I've been alive, I've had Jailbreak be a large presence in my life. It's crazy to think of how many social events or revision sessions or family events that I've passed up and it's even crazier to think that I wouldn't go back and do them if I had the chance because Jailbreak gave me so much enjoyment and I had such a good time.

The Present

For this section I'll mostly be talking about my reasons for leaving and these can be summarised simply by the words "I'm tired". I'm 17 years old, my childhood is over and that makes me realise how important it is that I spend my time on this earth wisely and to me spending my time doing something I don't enjoy just doesn't seem worth it and I sadly don't enjoy administrating any more. I simply don't have the time nor energy for it and I'd much rather someone who was far more capable take the role than to have someone at the top of the staff who was inactive as the future of Hexteria and of Jailbreak is far more important than me having a rank or some form of status in the community. There's really nothing more to it than that, other than that I wish the best of luck to whomever takes up the role next.

The Future

I know I'll stick around at Hexteria (under the name of Joe instead of Archimedes or JRParadox) but I don't see my activity getting too much better too soon, I hope that with all the stress of being the Jailbreak Administrator off my back I'll be able to enjoy the forums more and be able to hang out with my friends on here a lot more. I also wish to get in to game development and coding and Garry's Mod provides a perfect platform for both because while modding GMod has almost none of the monetary gains of making a game (which I personally don't care about) it makes the whole process a tonne easier as you have so much of the groundwork laid out for you. I'm not going to set anything in stone more than that I'll certainly be looking more in to GMod development over Summer and I really do hope that I find an idea for a new gamemode so I can have a project to work on.

So all I have left to say now is thank you for giving me the chance to have the role of Jailbreak Administrator in the community, to say best of luck for the future and to say that I love you all.

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